Calais Gardens    
Calais with its flowerbeds and public parks, Richelieu and St Pierre, make it the no 1 city in the department for the flowered cities competition.

Calais received its third flower in the national contest of the cities and villages in bloom.

Built in 1862 the Richlieu Gardens were redesigned in 1956. Rodin’s statue of the Burghers of Calais occupied the strip of land in front of the gardens from 1895 to 1924 when it was replaced by the 1914-18 war memorial. The memorial, the work of the sculptor Moreau-Vauthier, was  damaged by bombing during the German occupation. It's place was taken by a memorial by Yves de Coetlogon to the memory of the fallen in both world wars.

Opened under the Second Empire in 1863, Parc Saint-Pierre has been the theatre for numerous activities:  open air fêtes, cycling races, archery or concerts. Today, it has returned to the tranquillity of walks. In the ornamental lake, previously used by swans, is a replica of a fountain of Versailles, the fountain of the three Graces .

When Monet and his family settled in Giverny in 1883 the piece of land sloping gently down from the house to the road was planted with an orchard and enclosed by high stone walls.
From this "Clos Normand" of about one hectare Monet made a garden full of perspectives, symmetries and colours.
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