Parc St Pierre and the Calais war museum

The remembrance monument is outside Parc St Pierre, inaugurated in 1904 in honour of the Calais people killed in colonial expeditions. The frontage shows a statue of Valour, the left hand leaning on the town coat of arms. The top of the memorial shows Glory crowning Capt. Louis Dutertre, hero of the battle of Sidi-Brahim in 1845. Born on the outskirts of Calais, at Coulogne, Dutertre, a regimental infantry officer was taken prisoner by Abd el-Kader.
Taken in front of his troops and threatened with beheading, he ordered them not to surrender and shouted ‘Comrades resist to the death’ before being shot and beheaded.

During the second world war the Germans built a 94 metre long bunker for the telephone exchange of the harbour command  inside the park, it was transformed in 1962 into the museum of the 1939-1945 war, with vintage photographs, newspaper clippings and artifacts of daily life of the people during this period.