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    Serious shopping is best done along the 4 boulevards, Boulevard Gambetta, Boulevard La Fayette,
    Boulevard Jacquard and Boulevard Pasteur, there is an excellent bus service throughout Calais, and
    parking is available on streets close to the shops.
    Shop in Euros and at genuine French shops, it's cheaper.
    Calais shops.
    Other towns in Calais Region

Calais wines and beers.

Calais Clothing
Good quality cheap clothes.
     Cigarettes are still cheaper
     in France, buy from genuine
    Tabacs, fakes can contain

Patisseries, chocolates for Christmas, St Valentines
day and Easter.

Regional and farm produce.

    Boulevard Jacquard
    Calais lace, womenslingerie,
    gifts, wedding gowns.

Les 4 Boulevards shopping
centre in the centre of Calais.

    Boulevard Lafayette
    Clothes, ladies wear and
    mens wear.

Book shops and
    Calais sex shop.
   41 Boulevard Lafayette

    Parking in Calais

    Shop opening times :
    Most shops are open between 9am and 7pm (local time), Monday to Saturday.
    Generally they close for lunch between midday and 2pm although many independent shops remain open.
    Food shops such as those selling fresh bread and cakes, as well as wine stores can open on Sunday
    mornings and on public holidays, but you may find  some s
hops are shut on Sundays and holidays:
    January 1st

    Easter Monday
    May 1st (Labour day)
    May 8th (V.E. day 1945)
    Ascension day (6th Thursday after Easter)
    Whit Monday (2nd Monday after Ascension)
    July 14th (Bastille day)
    August 15th (Assumption)
    November 1st (All saints day)
    November 11th (Armistice day)
    December 25th (Christmas day)

    Calais Yellow Pages

    Type from the services list into "quoi, qui" and click "Trouver".

  Services List Translation
 cavistes wine shops
 romageries cheese shops

 supermarchés, hypermarchés  

supermarkets, hypermarkets

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