The Loire

Twenty six years ago Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall purchased a beautiful 16th century chateau for a mere 2 million francs  in a tiny village called Poce-sur-Cisse
a few kilometres from Amboise on the north side of the Loire River. His chateau, La Fourchette was originally the property of the Duc de Choiseuil, Louis XVI's finance minister.

It is said that Chateau Ussé is the castle that  Charles Perrault had
in mind when writing "Sleeping Beauty".

Chateau Chenonceau, Diane de Poitier’s favourite residence before being evicted by Catherine de Medici,
It has an excellent version pf a formal French garden. It also, has a secret entrance used by the French Resistance
during the second world war.

Château d'Amboise, created by Charles VIII

Château Clos Luce, where Leonardo da Vinci spent his last days, you can see some of the machines that he designed, in operation in the garden of the chateau.
The chateau at Clos Luce was a gift to Leonardo da Vinci for providing François I with interesting conversation.
It was also connected to Château d'Amboise by a secret passageway.