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Calais has pleasant restaurants. on the sea front and by the harbour.

Au Cote D'Argent on the sea front

L'Aquaraile with a sea view

Le Detroit, Le Channel, La Sole Meunière
by the harbour
Quality Calais  restaurants  

Frites and ice Cream on the sea front.

Most Calais restaurants speak English, but if you want to practise your French, here are some terms to help you:
"plat du jour" - Today's special
"entrée" - Starter
"une carafe d'eau" - Bottle of water, usually tap water, it's cheaper and it's OK.
"service compris" Service included, usually 10%.
Learn French

Outside Calais if you are lucky to find a transport cafe (routier), you can see the lorries parked, you will get an excellent meal for a good price, French lorry drivers are very fussy.

Calais Yellow Pages

Type from the services list into "quoi, qui" and click "Trouver".

Services list Translation


cake shops

fromageries cheese shops
glaciers ice cream restaurants
crêperies pancake restaurants

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