Louis XVIII (1814-1824)


Louis XVIII, born in 1755 at Versailles the son of Louis dauphin and Marie - Josèphe of Saxony, younger brother of Louis XVI took the title of king of France on June 16, 1795, after the death of his nephew Louis XVII, he returned to France and became effectively king after Napoléon's first abdication (April 1814): it was the first Restoration.
Sheltered in Ghent during the Hundred Days (March - July 1815), he took power after Waterloo and Napoléon's second abdication (July): it was the second Restoration.
Louis moved to Hartwell House in Buckinghamshire, where over one hundred courtiers were housed. The King paid £500 in rent each year to the proprietor, Sir George Lee. The Prince Regent of the United Kingdom was very charitable to the exiled Bourbons, granting them permanent asylum and giving them extremely generous allowances