Fort d'Ambleteuse (Fort Mahon)

The construction in 1680 to 1690 on the plans of Vauban, of Fort Ambleteuse, sometimes misnamed "Fort Mahon", was decided by Louis XIV. It consisted of an entry court, a tower casemate with annular arch, a high battery, a low battery and three floors of artillery.
The Romans had already established a tower at this place, a tower that was modified by the English in 1544.
This castle of the seas was a strategic point which was visible far away on the English Channel. Its situation made it impregnable. It fell into ruin because of the weather and neglect. The fort was recovered by individuals and later restored. Once more abandoned and ruined after the war it was bought in 1967 for a symbolic 1 Fr by the association "The friends of the Fort of Ambleteuse" Because of this intervention this Historic Monument is now visitable