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Calais frequently asked questions:

Q Will there be a new Sangatte?
A: Nicolas Sarkozy said the closure of the camp - described as a staging post for illegal immigrants determined to sneak into the UK was necessary because of concerns raised by both Britain and local residents.
He said he had discussed this last week with the UK Home Secretary, who agreed that the lack of EU-wide immigration legislation
led "refugees" to head to Britain, where controls were not thought to be so strict.

Q: I am looking for property to rent in Calais?
Property to rent in Calais

Q: I will be in Calais and I would like to park my car in long term parking near the ferry harbour?
Theft of and from cars is a problem in Calais. This is a question for the police:
The police are on place de Lorraine (03 21 19 13 17)

Q: Does Auchan or Cite Europe have wheelchairs for people to use for shopping?
A: Cité Europe provides disabled visitors with electric scooters, free of charge. They may be booked ahead of time.
Ask the hostesses at the reception desk.br> Cite Europe is outside Calais near Eurotunnel
Auchan is in the Commercial centre

Q: Are there taxis between the two Calais railway stations?.
A: For taxis at the central station Calais-Ville téléphone : 03 21 97 35 35 or 03 21 97 13 14
For taxis at the station outside Calais at Fréthun téléphone: 06 07 94 27 82
These are not 24 hour, ring first.
Trains go from Paris go to both stations, Frethun tends to be fast trains, check when buying ticket, ring first.