Calais Theatre Boulevard Lafayette

Built in 1903 and inaugurated in 1905, this theatre stands on the former Brochot plain, which was occupied by a cemetery between 1811 and 1871.

The first floor of the facade is decorated with statues symbolising the four arts: Poetry, Comedy, Dance and Music.The first stone was placed on July 9 1903 by Mr Loubet,

President of the Republic, and the works were directed by the architect Malgras. Like the town hall the construction of the theatre was decided at the time of the fusion of

the cities of Calais and St. Pierre in 1885.
On the square Albert 1st, the theatre stands next to the monument raised in 1910 to the lyonnais Joseph Jacquard whose invention contributed to the development of the

Calais Lace that made Calais wealthy and famous.