Entre Deux Caps

Cap Gris Nez

The two capes (Cap Blanc Nez and Cap Gris Nez) are situated between Boulogne and Calais. Classified as a National Site by the ministry of the environment, they are a maritime fronting of 25 kilometres marked by sectors of cliff, (Jurassic for the Cap Gris Nez, Cretaceous for the Cap Blanc Nez), separated by the Bay of Wissant.
As a succession of seascapes, hills, and immense beaches the Site of the two capes has attracted tourists and painters for a long time.
You can also see the remains of bunkers that were part of The Atlantic Wall built by Hitler.

Cap Blanc Nez
The area has kept its wild and authentic side, in a superb harmony of sea and sky, at the base of cliffs is a bracing sea breeze, and at the top of the cliffs there are hang-gliders, kites and aeromodels.
Beautiful walks are laid out at the confines of the English Channel and the north sea. The Capes - Gris Nez and Blanc Nez offer magnificent viewpoints for bird watchers.
The hinterland has the charms of the country as well as the impressive view of the reservoir.