Calais CRUFC  Rue François Mauriac


Memories of the semi-final of the France Cup
CRUFC at the Stade de France!

3 to 1 to Calais

A phenomenal match! words are not enough. Calaisiens were awed by the event, by Ladislas Lozano and his entourage, by the supporters. They have marked forever the history of the city of Calais, the history of French football. The Calais team achieved an extraordinary performance by eliminating the prestigious club of Bordeaux, composed of several international players.

Calais an amateur club!

There is no doubt 2000 was a special year for CRUFC. The after match events were just as noteworthy. The players arriving at Rue Royale, as if they were champions of the world at the Champs Elysées. The welcoming crowd saw their team before the city hall. Proud to be Calaisien, the thousands of people partied until the dawn.